We come with a global experience and approach of research and understanding of business irrespective of the industries they hail from. Starting from healthcare, telecom or logistics to hospitality, lifestyle and insurance, we’ve got you covered in terms of the business nuances involved operationally to ensure smooth functioning of the same. Our team of experts can recommend, guide and walk you through the end-to-end process of acclimatizing to what’s good for you technology wise and process wise having done intensive research on the same.


We house some of the best consultants accross various domains who possess global experience. Be it Data Analytics, Software Architecture, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing or Project Management, we have the most senior people for each one of these verticals to guide you and share inouts with you as to how you should go about catering to your specific business requirements. These people hail from paramount institutions like the Bank of America, Lucent, Telstra, AT&T, Tata, Silicon Valley, John’s Hopkins University and so on.


We figured that that best way to deliver value to our customers is to bring to the fold all sorts of technology and experts to create unique products and solutions for our valued customers. From integrated web, mobile, mobility and ERP solutions to highly complex and customized portals and migrations from archaic legacy systems to new age ones – we have them all. Hence our technology team is well equipped with all the state-of-the-art tools, languages and global processes in place to ensure that your product/solution and delivered to you the way you want.

Digital Transformation

With AI-powered voice assistants to hit 7 billion by 2020 and the software market for the same set to touch a whopping $59.8 billion by 2025, the Digital Transformation landscape will be the next new world order. This is true even from the marketing perspective; 80% of B2C and almost 60% of B2B comapnies is set to create immersive, authentic omni-channel experiences for their customers. Needless to saay, the ever increasing applications of data analytics across all industries mandates that you embark upon this journey and stay ahead of your competition